The 10×10 challenge: summary

T-shirts on a rack

As I wrote about 2 weeks ago¬†and as you might have seen on my Instagram I have done the 10×10 challenge. For ten days I have worn a mix of ten garments and shoes with the hopes of saving some time and getting more creative with using what I already own. So now that my ten days have ended and I have had some reflection time I just wanted to share it. Maybe someone is thinking of doing the same, or just interested in a capsule closet. Well, here is a summary of my experience and thoughts.

How did I do?

So in the ten days I did manage to create ten different outfits. A lot of them were quite similar and simple, but that might also be because of the nature of the garments. I had to do laundry in the middle of the ten days because I was clumsy enough to get all my white items dirty. Then after a few days I also noticed a hole in one of the items, not ideal. However, I think I easily could have done a few more days, but not with much enthusiasm. Overall I would say that I did well on the challenge since I did make it through those ten days, even if the outfits were new the new thinking or special.

Three of the created outfits during the challenge

What did I think of it?

It did not really save time for me, which I had hoped. It was actually quite time consuming because I had to do a lot of laundry during the week (to keep up with only ten garments), which I normally don’t have to do that often. Doing laundry in my current housing situation takes a lot of time and effort, since we’re ten people sharing two machines, for which one cycle takes around three hours. Combining that with most people working during the day I have had to get up 3-4 hours before work just to be able to catch an empty machine. The time planning outfits I felt was more of a hassle than usually too, as I wanted to try to not outfit repeat or wear the same thing two days in a row.

Additionally, it did not really spark any new creativity, as I had hoped. I think I dressed pretty much like I usually do, no new revolutionary combination came up (I also did chose a rather basic selection so maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise). I rather felt restricted and bored.

Then there is the temperature or weather problem. I feel like a challenge like this is more doable in a milder, more stable climate. These weeks the temperature has ranged between 3-15 degrees Celsius, sometimes almost in one day. Dressing for this kind of weather is quite hard and when you always need several layers it’s hard to do with such few items. A summer capsule might be the easiest to start out with based on this.

Will I do it again?

Maybe, I’m not sure. I felt it took a lot of effort for me this time around. If I were to do it again it would be during a warmer season. Also, next time I think I would exclude the shoes to, not in a way to get to use more of my shoes (it was quite easy sticking to the two pairs), but because I felt a bit too restricted with only 8 clothing items. I’m up for trying a bigger, longer challenge. Maybe a month or so with 20 garments. I feel that would suit my preferences and habits better.

So all in all, the results of the challenge was maybe not what I expected. But one thing I felt afterwards was a love and longing for my full closet and maybe living with less for a while is also a way of appreciating living with sligthly more.

10 x 10 challenge: ten garments, ten days


Wardrobe challenges are a great way to challenge yourself to live with less, use what you have and get more creative. I am not sure if I could live my live with a capsule closet, but I believe it is good to always explore the different ways of getting a more sustainable closet. For the coming ten days I will do a challenge called the 10×10.

What is it and why should you do it?

The 10×10 challenge consists of wearing only 10 items for 10 days. It is a short (trial) version of a capsule closet and the project 333, which is a challenge that goes on for a 3 months. Reasons for doing it range from wanting to get to know your closet better, seeing that you can live with less to sparking creativity.

The reasons for which I’m doing this challenge is to improve my creativity with what I wear and to inspire to live with less. The Pareto principle says that 80% of the time we wear 20% of what we own so it really shouldn’t be that hard.

Since 10 items is not a lot, there are of course garments that are to be excluded from the ten. Usually they are:

  • Workout and lounge clothes
  • Socks and underwear
  • Jewelry/hair accessories

In addition, I also decided to exclude jackets, because the weather is a bit unreliable and since I only wear it back and forth to work and it doesn’t feel like a part of my outfit I chose to exclude it. However, I will probably only use one or two.

I believe that this challenge is for you to challenge yourself so if you feel like you want to include or exclude something that normally isn’t, I say go for it. Your game, your rules.

What items will I wear?

The garments I have chosen to include are:

  1. Black slim pants
  2. Blue cropped jeans
  3. White sleeveless dress
  4. White button shirt
  5. White t-shirt
  6. Knitted grey sweater
  7. Black knitted turtleneck
  8. Black midi skirt
  9. White sneakers
  10. Black healed boots

In total that makes it 3 bottoms, 4 tops, 1 dress and 2 pairs of shoes. The color palette is mostly black and white, with some grey and blue added in. I think that for a first mini capsule it might be good to stick to mainly neutrals (if you’re not a person only wearing color, then stick to that), since they in general are easier to mix and match. I have also stuck to quite simple and timeless items that go well together to make this a good experience.

So there you have it, the mini capsule 10×10 challenge. I will give you an update on how it goes and you will be able to see every days’ outfit on my Instagram too.