Thoughts and tips from my journey to a more sustainable and happy life, with less stuff and more living.

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Having grown up in Scandinavia as a Millennial, there was rarely any shortage of money or stuff being bought. Growing up I amassed a whole lot of stuff and I spent my teenage years buying anything new that H&M released that month. After travelling and living abroad for a while (and living out of a suitcase) I returned home and just felt weighed down by all the stuff, all the clothes I owned and the lack of space. It made me feel anxious and stressed. So I decided to do something about it.

Since trying to minimize my life, I feel a lot lighter. Life feels a bit easier. A sustainable life to me is not only about the material things. A sustainable life is about maintaining mental and physical health, financial stability and just a general wellbeing and experiences. So that is what I am working on now. To live my best life, a life that is durable and doable for both me and the planet. Humans are not sustainable for the planet, so we need to be the most sustainable we can. At least we need to make an effort to.