March challenge: digital detox

nick-morrison-325805-unsplashFor the month of March, my focus will be on minimizing my use of the Internet, computers, tablets, and phones. After a lot of consideration, I have decided that I will have one full day, without social media every week, preferably a day during the weekend since that’s when I tend to get stuck in scrolling the most. Plus, I will challenge myself to do a longer detox of a few days during the month as well.

My goal is not to do a full-on detox where I skip all type of social media or the Internet. I actually love Instagram and all the inspiring accounts I follow there, but I want to get some distance and more awareness about my habits. I tend to grab my phone whenever I am bored, stressed or whatever, and that is the behavior I want to kick. Instagram should not be the first and last thing I see every day…

I will also use this month to do some digital decluttering! Going through mail-boxes, old photos, files, and contacts. Today we tend to have so much storage space on our tech appliances that we never actually get rid of the old stuff. But clutter is still clutter, even if you store it somewhere else (like a hard drive or a cloud service).

How do you feel about social media? Do you easily get FOMO or are you fine with going offline for a few days at a time?

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