February challenge: meditate daily


February is a dark month with bad weather, and if you live in the north (like me…), it’s probably like four months since you saw the sun. So when the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) starts knocking on the door I will spend a month meditating daily. These past few months have been stressful for me and I have felt that my defence against stress is quite low. Hopefully with daily meditation I can improve this.

I have intentionally not set a time goal for the month, but only to do it regularly everyday, even if that is 2 minutes of guided meditation or 20 minutes of sitting down with my own thoughts. I want a habit, not a must that feels like a chore.

My experience with meditation is slim and very sporadic. I tend to turn to it at times when I feel awfully stressed and since I’m not really good at it, it tends to almost stress me out even more. I have mainly used guided meditation through apps and YouTube and I strongly believe that guided mediation is the best way to start as to not get overwhelmed.

During the month I will be sharing different apps, resources, techniques and uses of meditation and mindfulness so I hope you’ll want to come along.

I will also be finishing up the first book in my Conscious book club this month (I have currently read about 20 pages out of 400+…) The book is: This changes everything by Naomi Klein.

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