2018: Year in Review


As we stand on the edge of 2019 I wanted to take a look back at 2018. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows.

In general I would say that 2018 was not one of my best years. It wasn’t one of the worst either. Ever since I finished school in summer 2017 I have been feeling slightly stuck and unsure of what I want to do with my life. I embarked on a year long traveling/living abroad to get some time away and to really figure out what I want to do. It mostly ended up raising further questions though. Actually when I try to pin down the good and bad with the year I end up with mostly bad, but I think that says a lot about me as a person. I tend to be quite hard on myself.

So what did I actually enjoy and like about this year? Well, I am very happy that I had the chance to travel a lot! I spent the first part of the year living in Rome, Italy and from there I explored many parts of the country by bus. I also did a 2-week bus travel to get home to Scandinavia, stopping in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Germany.

Another thing I loved after a year of constantly being abroad and away from family and friends was moving back closer to home. Even if I was still an hour or more away, I did not have to fly to see my loved ones. I feel like all my relationships got more stable this year, partly because I moved closer to home. I also took more time to just be, both in the companion of others, but also when alone. This also connects to the fact that I have massively decreased my partying and intake of alcohol in the last year. There is nothing wrong with partying, it is just not something I enjoy a lot so getting rid of the being-bored-partying was nice. Except for a few big parties with close friends and staying up until sunrise I have enjoyed staying in with good food and company instead.

Some of the worse things I had going this year was the feeling of being lonely. Even though I loved living in and traveling other countries and learning new languages, I just really missed my people. Getting to know people when traveling sucks, especially as an introvert. In retrospect I am really glad for the travels I did, but I am not sure I will embark on journeys for months alone again. I just don’t know if that life is for me.

As a result of feeling very low and lonely I overdid a lot of things. Mainly shopping and eating. I shopped way too much during the year. My goal was to buy maximum 1 garment or shoes per month or 12 for the year in total and I miserable failed (ended up with more than double). This shows how important sustainability in ones (mental) health is for leading a sustainable life. The upside to this year’s shopping was that I made an effort to buy more sustainable or quality stuff. As well as starting to get more into second hand!

As for the eating, I ate too much shit. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself a bit, but when you buy potato chips 2-3 times a week and several times end up having it (like an entire bag…) for dinner it is no longer treating yourself, it’s a bad habit. I could feel how my mood affected my cravings and I would consume very little somedays and others I would binge on junk food.

Although some highs and lows came during the year I can appreciate it. I have really high hopes for 2019 and hopefully I will again find balance and routine in life. Learn new and interesting stuff. Engage more, with people and purposes and make an effort to work on my goals.

I almost forgot! Another thing I am happy about doing in 2018 is that I started this blog and engaged in the sustainable fashion and sustainable living community on Instagram. It has taught me so much and gives me so much inspiration that I get to bring with me into 2019!

If you haven’t seen yet what my plans are for 2019, you can also read about my monthly goals and my closet goals. Did you have a good 2018?

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